My services

My services primarily focus on building leadership capacity and ability in individuals, teams and groups with the aim to enable and empower them to make a bigger contribution to their organizations, communities and society at large. My programmes and workshops can be delivered in person, online or as a combination of both, depending on location. For some services, I team up with an associate in my international network.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

With so much disruption, change, complexity and pressure, coaching provides executives, leaders and managers with the thinking space for sense-making, renewal and robust dialogue within a trustful, safe and supportive relationship. Scientific research has proven that coaching can be a powerful and transformative methodology to promote and accelerate leadership capacity, personal and collective growth and enhanced performance. Read more

Systemic Team & Group Coaching

A certified and experienced team and group coach and facilitator, I help build collaborative leadership capability through team and group coaching programmes, enabling both teams and individuals to achieve their goals and deliver results. On their development journeys, I partner with international, senior management, project and start-up teams, as well as small groups of professionals from across an organization. Read more

Development Workshops & Facilitation

To support the development of key leadership capacities and mindsets, I deliver and facilitate stimulating and energizing workshops and masterclasses on targeted areas for small groups of leaders, emerging leaders and teams in organizations. Working in collaboration with senior leaders and HR, I co-design practical thinking spaces based on real needs and challenges and aligned with broader strategy. Read more

Consulting Partnership to Create Coaching Cultures

I provide thinking partnership to businesses and organizations – their senior executives, HR and organizational development professionals and change management specialists – where there is a strong drive and commitment to create a thriving culture of coaching, learning and development. In line with wider change plans, I help integrate developmental practices and a strategic role for coaching at all levels of the organization. Read more