Systemic Team & Group Coaching

Through team and group coaching, I support and promote shared leadership, enhanced collective performance, and effective collaboration. On their development journey, I partner with teams and groups – from senior leadership teams to groups of high potentials – to facilitate co-learning, reflection and action-planning. I create and hold safe, inclusive spaces for dialogue and connection, and together we address shared challenges and opportunities, generate ideas and develop solutions, and discover new ways of relating, working and communicating.

Systemic Team Coaching

A certified, experienced team coach, I challenge and support international, leadership, project and start-up teams – small numbers of people with a shared purpose, objectives and complementary skills – to tap into their shared intelligence, creativity, expertise and strengths. I help them to envision success, get a better sense of alignment and common ground, build collective resilience and well-being, and deliver required outcomes for their stakeholders.

With a systemic approach and guiding framework, I enable teams to:

  • clarify the team’s collective task and stakeholder expectations
  • identify its common purpose, targets, roles, values etc.
  • reflect on and improve the team culture, appreciating and leverage diversity
  • engage more effectively with key stakeholders outside the team
  • learn and grow as a team and individually.

Programmes can take about 6 months or longer and include an inquiry phase, team sessions, possibly individual coaching, and a final review phase. I might team up with an associate team coach, allowing us to bring our diverse perspectives to team dynamics and connections within the wider system, while at the same time observing where the team’s skills and resources might be better employed and where the team is holding itself back.

Team Connect 360

This online diagnostic tool and survey is aligned with my framework and approach. Carried out by team members and selected stakeholders, it provides valuable feedback about the team. A report is generated that offers an overall picture of how the team is functioning, its development areas, and where we might focus in the coaching sessions.

Systemic Group Coaching

Coaching in groups – as with action learning – creates value and impact more broadly by extending the benefit to more people across the organisation. It is an effective, practical and often fun approach to fostering improved performance, leadership and talent development, and peer-to-peer learning. Furthermore, it develops skills in collaboration and communication as well as capability in strategic thinking, and giving and receiving feedback.

How does it work?

A small group of participants commit themselves to a programme of sessions held over 3-6 months, beginning with a skills workshop and ending with a review and evaluation. Sessions take place in-person, online or are a blend of both. Participants take turns to present their issues and facilitate new thinking towards workable solutions, creative ideas and alternative perspectives.

If you would like to explore possibilities for collective development and learning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.