Executive & Leadership Coaching

With the challenge of business disruption, uncertainty, complexity and constant change, coaching provides executives, leaders and managers with a confidential space for sense-making, reflection and dialogue with a supportive and stretching thinking partner. Scientific research has proven that coaching can be a powerful and transformative methodology to promote and accelerate leadership capacity, enhanced performance, and personal and organisational growth.

My coaching programmes

My flexible and personalised approach means that I adapt programmes to my client’s needs and situation. They might be short and targeted or longer in duration. Sessions can be in-person, online, outdoors in the fresh air while walking, or a combination. I work with commercial enterprises as well as with humanitarian organisations and private individuals. Sometimes I team up with associates for broader business transformation projects and leadership development programmes.

What is coaching and what isn’t it?

Professional coaching for executive and leadership development helps leaders realise their potential, achieve desired outcomes, and have more impact and influence in a way they care about. The Institute of Coaching defines coaching as “an interpersonal process that helps people achieve positive change and growth. By harnessing innate strengths, uncovering intrinsic motivations, and asking empowering questions, coaching fosters self-generated insight, vision and goal clarity”.

For this reason, my approach is primarily facilitative rather than directive; it’s more about asking than telling and providing answers. It’s not really about imparting knowledge on a specific subject or sharing work experience. Coaching is a different area of practice from training, mentoring, psychotherapy and management consulting, although at times, in practice, there may be an overlap in service of what a client might need in the moment.

In providing challenge and support while working with inner and outer agendas, I enable clients to make sense of their situation and experience, to see more of their system from different perspectives, and to gain new insights, deeper understanding and awareness. I help them question any assumptions or limiting beliefs, or discover any blind spots, while encouraging experimentation and taking initiative and action.

What are the benefits?

Executive and leadership coaching often supports clients to:

  • make informed choices
  • become more of what they want to be e.g. more productive, organised, confident…
  • generate more value for self, team, enterprise and other stakeholders
  • explore and develop career opportunities
  • prepare for a new role or manage a transition successfully
  • gain a deeper sense of business and personal purpose
  • build a positive work environment
  • clarify a compelling vision while facing reality
  • energise, inspire and develop leadership in others
  • access resourcefulness, resilience, wisdom and intuition
  • re-gain balance, presence and well-being
  • engage and collaborate effectively across cultures and diversity
  • accomplish goals and deliver tangible results.

Coaching outdoors

For those who enjoy walking in nature like myself, I offer coaching sessions outdoors, designing routes according to preference and ability, from walks in city parks to Alpine hikes. Research confirms that the combination of coaching with fresh air and exercise is highly effective and stimulates creative and strategic thinking and deeper reflection. Positive outcomes also include feeling calmer, more balanced and re-vitalised.

If you have any questions about coaching and how it might be beneficial, or you would like a reference or two from satisfied clients, feel free to get in touch.