Consulting Partnership to Create Coaching Cultures

I provide thinking partnership to international businesses and organizations – their senior executives, HR professionals and organizational development and change management specialists – where there is a strong drive and commitment to create a thriving culture of coaching, learning and development. In line with wider change plans, I help integrate developmental practices and a strategic role for coaching at all levels of the organization.

What is a culture of coaching and development?

In these cultures, everyone is passionate about lifelong learning and personal and professional growth, believing that human and organizational flourishing and well-being go hand-in-hand. Developmental practices and opportunities are created and embedded across the organization and learning is harvested regularly for collective benefit. Inspired by their leaders, people bring their full humanity to the workplace, energizing and uplifting each other and offering challenge and support. Leadership development includes the horizontal (competences, skills etc.), the vertical (core intelligences, beliefs, paradigms etc.) and the inner (purpose, values etc.).

Many, especially leaders, choose a coaching approach in their relationships and interactions with colleagues and stakeholders, engaging in fruitful, robust conversations using a mostly facilitative style with empowering questioning and active listening. In this way, with patience, perseverance and sustained effort, everyone builds leadership capability and capacity that includes personal initiative, innovative and critical thinking, and the ability to drive change. In turn, performance and profitabilty are enhanced and more value is generated.

How I help

Working in creative partnership, I support and guide the shaping of “good conditions” for development practices as well as the creation of a coaching strategy and activities. This involves aligning with the bigger organizational picture – the mission, strategy and plan for organizational learning and people development and for the leadership culture.

In addition, I help link the coaching and development strategy with the objectives for wider culture change as well as help build a strong coaching infrastructure for its management and evaluation. Activities might include:

  • establishing internal and external coaching for personal and professional development
  • setting up team and group coaching for distributed leadership and team development
  • fostering a coaching approach as a leadership and management style
  • embedding coaching in HR processes and performance management
  • engaging fully with all stakeholders using “the coaching way”.

If you and your organization are interested in creating a coaching and development culture and may need support or ideas, feel free to get in touch and we can set up an exploratory call.