Judith Martin MA PCC

International Executive & Leadership Coach

Systemic Team & Group Coach

Leadership Development Workshops & Facilitation

Organizational Development Consultant

Accredited (PCC) Global Member of the International Coaching Federation

On your developmental journey towards thriving and fulfillment you need a partner you can trust with extensive experience, who understands your needs and challenges and the world you work in. A UK-German national, originally from Yorkshire in England, I have been working in my field for over 30 years while living in Germany, Spain, China and other places.

During this time I have delivered high quality work in collaboration with many international professionals, including senior business leaders and teams. I hold various diplomas, certificates and a Master’s degree, and am an accredited Professional Certified Coach (ICF). I work freelance and live in central Munich, Germany, with my German husband.

Read more about me below – and get in touch to find out how I can help you.

My mission

I am committed to fostering the evolution and success of organizations, businesses and their people, particularly through confident, capable leadership at all levels, whatever the official job title. For me, this is about leading with humanity, with heart and spirit as much as mind and body. My aim is to empower and encourage others to realize their potential, to be at their best more of the time with awareness, authenticity, and integrity, tapping into capacities such as wisdom, intelligence, imagination and compassion. I would like to be a great partner for those who desire to make a positive difference to creating a better future.

How I work

My Structure & Flow approach is flexible and personalized which allows me to adapt to you personally and your needs. It is also highly practical and often deeply personal and blends good contracting, processes, frameworks and parameters, with playful experimentation, spontaneity, creativity, joy and whatever’s emerging. Together, we achieve results through trustful relationships and robust dialogue, through reflection, inquiry and discovery. My broad, systemic outlook means we create value for your key stakeholders too. A member of several professional bodies, I adhere to high professional standards, sound ethical practice and intellectual integrity. Guaranteeing discretion for client-partners, both individuals and organizations, I don’t disclose names nor freely display logos.

What I do

A creative partner for organizations and businesses, their leaders and teams, I enable them to thrive and develop through deep and meaningful change, and in doing so, I help them have a bigger impact in their communities and society at large. With a systemic and holistic perspective, I foster purpose-led strategy and supportive cultures of coaching, lifelong learning and collaborative, mature leadership. As a coach, I encourage and enable you to try out new ways of working, thinking, relating, acting and being in order for you to achieve your aspirations and goals and fulfil your potential towards fulfilment, balance and contribution.

Who I am

Throughout my international voyage of over 30 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide range of business sector and client organization – multinationals, leading business schools, family enterprises, hospitals and non-profit ventures – as well as with an array of people from different backgrounds and cultures. This enriching experience, with its complex transitions and challenges to be overcome, allows me to support you with your own inner journey and outer agenda, your critical turning points and crossroads. I enable you to draw on your own resilience and resourcefulness, embracing uncertainty and complexity. As a multi-lingual global citizen, I value international cooperation and active citizenship, as well as our unique differences and shared humanity too.