Judith Martin

Self-employed, experienced Executive & Leadership coach

Certified Systemic Team & Group coach and Action Learning facilitator

Workshop facilitator & organisational development consultant

Accredited Master Executive Coach & member of APECS (Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision)

Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

UK-trained: Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (2014), Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (2008), and a Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (2015), from the Academy of Executive Coaching

MA in adult learning and English language teaching.

My mission

I support the evolution and success of businesses and organizations, their teams and people by developing visionary, capable and self-aware leaders who deliver desired results through strong relationships and engagement, vitality and team spirit. I help them tap into their best human capacities such as their curiosity, intuition, wisdom, imagination and resilience. With a practical focus and systemic approach, I enable leaders to translate new learning into purposeful action and sustainable change, generating value for multiple stakeholders.

How I work

I work in thinking partnership with my clients, co-creating programmes and workshops around real challenges and broader strategic objectives. My Structure & Flow approach is adaptive and personalized, combining contracting, processes, frameworks and parameters with flexibility, spontaneity, creativity, playfulness and the emergent. It is also relational and often deeply personal. I work across disciplines and draw on various models and techniques, including feedback and experimentation. High professional standards and good ethical practice are important to me.

What I do

By providing safe and confidential spaces for dialogue, reflection and action-planning, I enable clients to address their issues from new angles, helping them see patterns and blind spots, and shift the status quo. I help them find clarity on who they are, what matters to them, and what they want for their future, including their personal and collective purpose and contribution. In a joint inquiry, I might support clients to understand interpersonal dynamics and conflict, to identify priorities, to make informed decisions or to drive change. While some reflect on their leadership role and style, others work on communication and managing their emotions.

Who I am

A UK-German citizen based in Munich, I originally come from the north of England. Now, I’m somewhat of a cultural hybrid, having lived and worked for many years in Germany and Spain, and also in China and former Czechoslovakia. In Barcelona, I co-founded and ran a coaching and training company for 15 years. My previous careers were in publishing and teaching. I am committed to my own personal and professional development, and value openness to new people, approaches and perspectives, passionately embracing diversity and inclusion. I’m especially interested in humanist ethics and cultural intelligence.