As a thinking partner and consultant, I support the developmental transformation of organizations. I collaborate with global leaders and HR professionals who, in order to foster business success, well-being and innovation, are committed to both growing their organizations and their people. I help create and implement effective strategies that build capability and capacity, and that promote improved ways of doing things, relating, thinking and being.

With an outsider’s perspective and 30 years’ international experience in my field serving a diverse range of client, I provide added value by identifying limiting assumptions, mindsets and shared norms, and by enabling clients to expand their visions and aspirations. Using a systemic approach, I accompany my clients as we co-design outcomes that are adapted to their context and stakeholder needs, as well as aligned with the broader strategy of the organization and the learning that is required for the future.

My guiding process includes inquiry and dialogue, gathering information and making sense of it, discovering what’s emerging, and proposing workable solutions that are then tried out and evaluated. The work may involve critiquing structures, processes and systems that act as barriers to change, and I may partner with associates who are experts in organizational design or HR.

Passionate about vibrant cultures of lifelong learning and coaching, I help clients build nurturing, values-led environments where people are open-minded and open-hearted, and embrace a growth mindset and shared vision. In such cultures, leaders and managers model grown-up relationships, independent-thinking, teamwork, and taking responsibility as well as risks. People learn from mistakes, bringing their full humanity to work and leveraging our best capacities as humans for adaptability, resourcefulness, curiosity and creativity. 

Based on the strong business case for coaching cultures, I partner with clients to integrate the ‘coaching way’ into their working world, strategies and processes. This may involve senior HR and executives championing coaching principles and behaviours, such as asking powerful questions and listening deeply, and educating employees around the benefits of coaching conversations.