Through facilitation, both virtual and face-to-face, I enable teams and groups to get their work done and have productive discussions that lead to positive results. Working towards greater group cohesion and interdependence, I support and guide group reflection, individual participation and the generation of fresh ideas by inviting diverse perspectives and opinions.

I create open, inclusive and supportive spaces that foster collaboration and the sharing of experiences, insights and new thinking. By listening actively and questioning, I appreciate and draw out the group’s resources and individual strengths, while also identifying any assumptions or biases and staying attuned to participants’ emotions and concerns.

At the outset, I clarify the expectations and the required outcomes of the meeting or session, and how its purpose and themes connect with the broader mission. My approach and style are adaptive, varying from highly-structured to free-flow discussion, to being more or less directive.

I use my facilitation skills to help groups and teams with:

    • Running more effective meetings
    • Gaining clarity on purpose, tasks or roles
    • Managing and creating change
    • Using conflict productively
    • Problem-solving or action-planning.