An independent freelancer, I sometimes team up with associates in my international network to serve my clients. Most of them, like me, have direct experience of living and working in different countries, speak several foreign languages, and have a global, systemic and cross-cultural perspective. Furthermore, we bring a passion for lifelong learning and a growth mindset to our work as well as commitment to professional excellence and ethical practice. Also in my network are management consultants, therapists, lawyers and other professionals who can provide additional services.

Judith Martin

With a systemic and holistic view, I am passionate about developing global leadership capabilities and outlook. Working in partnership, I support international organizations that are committed to being a force for good as well as to personal and organizational development and transformation. My aim is to encourage, inspire and accompany leaders as they grow, learn, create and produce, believing that leadership can be claimed at all levels through strong relationships and engaging conversations that generate collaborative energy for new initiatives and change. I help leaders do what they can, where they are, with what they have.

A global citizen myself (officially British-German), I draw on a long career in professional learning, development and coaching. With a sense of adventure, curiosity and thirst for change, I left the UK for Czechoslovakia in 1990, later living and working in Germany, Spain and China. In Barcelona, I co-founded and managed a coaching and training business for many years, designing and delivering customized programmes. I have broad cross-sector experience and have worked with multinationals, small family businesses, leading business schools and global non-profit organizations. As a ‘cultural hybrid’, I enable leaders to question their cultural assumptions and the patterns in their context, as well as see the wider picture. Being multi-lingual, I can support my clients with different languages.

I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation and am accredited as a Professional Certified Coach. I hold an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (2014), an Intermediate Practitioner Diploma (2008), and a Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (2015), as well as a certificate as an Action Learning facilitator, an MA in Adult Learning, and various teaching qualifications.

Living in Munich close to the Alps, I love spending time outdoors, hiking and trekking. I also enjoy reading widely on a range of topics from psychology, literature and philosophy, to politics, anthropology and successul aging. When inspired, I like to practise my writing skills.