An independent freelancer, I sometimes collaborate with like-principled associates in my international network to serve my clients. Most of them, like me, draw on first-hand experience of living and working in different countries, speak several foreign languages, and have a global, systemic and cross-cultural perspective. Furthermore, we bring a passion for lifelong learning and a growth mindset to our work, as well as commitment to professional excellence and ethical practice.

Judith Martin

Originally from Yorkshire in England, my first career was in the book industry in London and Cambridge before I made a change and trained and qualified in adult learning. Soon after the collapse of communism in Europe and keen to contribute to the new open society, I moved to former Czechoslovakia and helped professionals build their communication and language skills. Later, based in Munich, I continued this work in the corporate and academic fields.

It was while living in Barcelona, Spain, that I set up and ran my own business, which evolved to include executive and leadership coaching among its services. This addition was as much a result of my own personal and professional development path as it was a response to my clients’ need for a trustful, supportive thinking partnership to explore their challenges and possibilities. During the financial crisis, I took the opportunity to develop this work with clients in Shanghai for several years, focusing increasingly on international teams.

Now back in Munich, I have become a British-German citizen with a somewhat outsider-insider perspective. This often helps me to see both the wood and the trees, to be curious as well as grateful, while questioning assumptions and mindsets. Having benefitted during my own complex transitions from the encouragement and practical wisdom of professional mentors and coaches, I aim to nurture others similarly, especially future generations of leaders, tapping into our best human capacities – our adaptability, resourcefulness, intelligence, imagination and kindness.

I firmly believe that it is through our own personal inner growth, and increased awareness and autonomy, that we can bring about organisational and societal change. Since change starts with the individual, I see our task and responsibility as being to attempt to understand ourselves, the dark and the light, and to liberate our own creative energy before we can unleash it in others.

From the Academy of Executive Coaching in the UK, (“executive” here meaning “management” more generally), I gained an ICF-accredited Intermediate Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (ACC level) in 2008, and an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (PCC level) in 2014. Besides these, I hold certifications in Systemic Team Coaching, Action Learning, intercultural training, an MA in Adult Learning, and several teaching qualifications. Among my enthusiasms are walking in nature and lively conversations with my German husband, swimming, reading and writing, civic engagement, and visiting Yorkshire.