Action Learning

Action Learning is a fully engaging, experiential problem-solving process, helping peer groups to address real, often urgent, issues and complex challenges, and to collaborate successfully towards finding new possibilities and workable solutions.

Supporting organisational development and change, Action Learning is also a highly effective approach to developing leadership skills and practices, such as strategic thinking, relationship-building and giving helpful feedback.

A small group of 4-8 participants commit themselves to a series of regular sessions, which can be virtual or in-person, held over a 4-6 month period.

A trained Action Learning facilitator, I create and hold a safe, reflective space and guide the process, during which participants ask searching questions, listen attentively, look at multiple perspectives, generate creative ideas and evaluate new approaches.

“Action Learning is based on the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught”.

Reg Revans, founder of Action Learning