Development Workshops

My online or in-person workshops focus on personal and leadership development, and building the requisite skills, capacities, knowledge, relationships and mindset for today’s extreme challenges, uncertainty and change. They are designed to be practical, engaging and interactive..

In line with my Structure & Flow principles, they are as much about translating new learning and insights into purposeful action and outcomes, as about open and supportive spaces and connection. They combine theory and input with practical tasks, whole group discussion, presentation, small group activities and individual reflection. They are at the same time serious and fun.

I draw on techniques from training, teaching, facilitation and coaching, as well as a wide range of tools, resources and materials from multiple disciplines. My tailor-made approach means that I design and develop workshops around the participants’ real challenges, learning needs and broader, long-term objectives.

Focused, structured workshops can last a few hours or half a day online, or can extend over several days. Current themes include: building resilience and self-care, personal effectiveness, managing change and transitions, shaping culture, collaborative leadership, communication and creativity.