I offer practical, engaging and highly interactive workshops for small groups that focus on developing global leadership capabilities and capacities, and on personal growth and learning. The aim of these workshops is to help leaders and managers try out and discover new ways of being, acting, operating and thinking, so that they are better able to deal effectively and productively with their challenges and opportunities.

My customized, adaptive approach means that I design training workshops around the participants’ real issues and dilemmas and their learning needs. In addition, I address the broader, long-term development goals of the organization and integrate the expectations of key stakeholders.

Drawing on my long international career in professional education, learning and training, I blend input, theory and knowledge, with the space for group dialogue and individual reflection, as well as providing participants with the chance to practise new skills.

In terms of methods and techniques, I combine my know-how and experience from coaching, facilitation, training and teaching, using a wide range of tools and resources from multiple disciplines.

In line with my Structure & Flow guiding principles, I pay special attention to creating open and supportive learning environments in which people feel valued and free to express themselves, as much as to translating new learning and insights into purposeful action and positive outcomes back ‘on the job’.

My leadership and personal development workshops can last just 2 hours or half a day, or be spread over a few days in several parts or modules. They can take place in-person or online, or be a mixture of both. Some examples of themes I’ve covered for clients include:

  • Leading a multicultural team
  • Building personal resourcefulness
  • Intercultural collaboration
  • Leveraging strengths and diversity
  • Essential coaching skills for leaders and managers
  • How to get inspired – and be inspiring!
  • How to keep going when times are tough