Individual Executive, Leadership & Personal Coaching

Within an open, supportive space for reflection and dialogue, I encourage and guide my clients on their development journey towards greater effectiveness, awareness and positivity. I help them work towards their aspirations and goals as well as make sense of their challenges and dilemmas by looking at them from different perspectives and exploring new possibilities.

With new insights, more clarity and deeper understanding, they are able to make informed choices and move forward. In rethinking who they are, what matters to them, and how they live and work, they find their own inner compass and increased sense of well-being, balance and fulfillment.

The power of my method is less about telling and advising, which is more consulting and counselling, but more about asking the right searching questions, listening attentively, and challenging assumptions and limiting beliefs. In this way, I empower and inspire my clients to produce their own brilliant ideas as they tap into their own resourcefulness, intuition and imagination.

I work in partnership with companies, NGOs and private individuals, and provide online and in-person coaching.

Some focus areas for development and change might include:

    • Driving change, managing complexity and uncertainty, transitions and reinvention
    • Cross-cultural collaboration, international assignments and integration
    • Identifying purpose and values, and clarifying vision, strategy and direction
    • Developing and inspiring a diverse team, coaching and facilitation
    • Personal effectiveness, resilience, self-care and work-life balance.