Executive & Leadership Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Unlike consulting that provides expert solutions, or mentoring that offers specific job know-how, coaching is a powerful collaborative methodology that fosters developmental change and greater awareness, clarity, confidence, reslience and effectiveness.

As a thinking partner and guide, I create an open, safe space for reflective dialogue, sense-making and re-balancing. In this way, I help leaders develop the new capacities and skills they need to respond effectively to their challenges and opportunities. Together with my coaching clients, we build a transformative alliance based on mutual trust, empathy and equality, and through this strong relationship we work towards the outcomes required for sustainable, positive change.

Drawing on a range of tools and techniques, I encourage my clients to explore their dilemmas, challenges and opportunities from fresh perspectives, and to tap into their own experience, intuition, imagination and wisdom. I enable leaders to gain deeper insight and understanding of their own behaviour, blind spots and contribution, so that they can try out new ways of acting, doing, feeling and being. I help them make informed choices, generate workable solutions, and make a bigger impact in their leadership role.

My coaching approach is adaptive to each person and situation, as well as practical and deeply personal. It combines ‘structure’ (clear contracting, processes, frameworks, professional boundaries…) and ‘flow’ (flexibility, creative experimentation, enthusiasm, humour…). I offer high support and challenge while working with the leader’s whole life –  professional and private, past, present and future. With a systemic view, I create value by integrating the needs and perspectives of key stakeholders, while also addressing the wider context and cultural patterns.

Sessions can take place online or in-person. Being multi-lingual, I use English as my primary coaching language, supported by other languages if necessary. Common client themes include: cross-cultural collaboration, relationships and communication; vision-building, strategic-thinking and prioritizing; purpose, values and identity; resilience, well-being and work-life balance; personal effectiveness and self-care; complex change and transition; developing and inspiring others.