Systemic Team Coaching

“Team coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development, requiring innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment – all traits that coaching helps support”. – International Coach Federation

My systemic approach to international team coaching is based on the 5 Disciplines model of transformational collective leadership, developed by Peter Hawkins and the Academy of Executive Coaching in the UK, with whom I trained and qualified as a team coach. It involves addressing the needs and perspectives of multiple stakeholders, which the team examines in order to understand their context and tasks more fully. (In addition, as an ICF Global Member, I draw on their Team Coaching Competences Model).

A complete team coaching process is a development journey over six months or longer. It includes an inquiry phase, a series of workshops, possibly individual coaching, and a final review phase. The following 5 Disciplines serve as a guide throughout the work:

  1. Stakeholder expectations
  2. Team tasks
  3. Team dynamics and culture
  4. Stakeholder relationships
  5. Team learning.

As team coach and partner, I enable the team to define and execute its collective task in a way that creates greater value. I bring fresh eyes to relationships and connections among team members and with stakeholders, observing where the team’s strengths and skills might be better employed and where the team is holding itself back. In becoming more effective and aware, team members are able to:

  • Align on their common purpose
  • Collaborate and learn across diversity
  • Develop collective leadership and drive change across the business
  • Achieve their performance objectives
  • Understand critical processes and co-create new ones
  • Build resilience and emotional well-being
  • Engage effectively with key stakeholders.

Team Connect 360

This online diagnostic survey, aligned with the 5 Disciplines and developed by the AoEC, can be carried out by team members and provides concrete feedback about the team. A report is generated that offers an overall picture of how the team is functioning and informs the team leader and coach of the team’s development needs and areas to focus on collectively. Together, we then co-create a series of workshops based on real team challenges and issues.