Team Coaching

A collaborative, results-oriented development process, team coaching can make a real difference to the effectiveness, cohesion and resilience of teams. These could be leadership, management, project or start-up teams, established or newly-formed.

In a series of meetings over time, coaching provides teams with the space, time and opportunity to come together to identify and work through their challenges and issues towards achieving positive change and outcomes. By building trust and understanding, and pooling resources, experience and knowledge, the team evolves so it is better able to learn, use conflict productively, and drive innovation.

Through facilitation and guidance, the team becomes more aligned on its shared vision of success, its purpose, direction and values, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the members. They might also work on improving team dynamics, processes and practices.

My systemic and relational approach focuses on how the team can make a positive impact in its wider context by examining the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and the quality of relationships. It draws on a solid, theoretical framework, and a structured programme typically includes interviews, the observation of team meetings, and individual coaching, in addition to whole team coaching sessions.