During the last three decades, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with a wide range of client organization internationally. These include large corporations, leading business schools, family enterprises and emerging ventures, and global non-profit organizations. I usually combine paid work with pro bono coaching work that supports international humanitarian projects.

My experience is broad and diverse across multiple sectors, from manufacturing, IT, and healthcare, to advertising, retail and social entrepreneurship. My individual clients, from many different cultures and backgrounds, range from senior executives to middle managers moving into senior leadership roles.

Valuing discretion for my clients, I haven’t listed here all of the names of those who have been satisfied with my services. Most of my work comes from repeat business and referrals. And some of my clients have worked with me for years. Of course, I’m always delighted and excited to be working with new people. If you’d like a personal reference or two, I will be happy to provide them.

Some recent client assignments

Senior Communications Director, IT sector, executive coaching

Themes: Leading digital transformation and change initiatives, managing personal and professional transition, re-discovering motivation and focus, building resilience, balance and well-being, developing a renewed sense of purpose and vision of success, changing behaviours, building stronger, more trusting relationships, and becoming more self-aware, more serene, and more creative.

Production manager, manufacturing sector, leadership coaching

Themes: Developing strategic and systemic thinking, prioritising and focusing, improving communication skills, adopting a coaching, empowering style of leading, making sense of complexity and change, dealing with uncertainty and anxiety, reflecting on personal and business impact, and exploring and expanding career opportunities.

International leadership team, retail sector, systemic team coaching workshops

Themes: Aligning on shared purpose and vision, clarifying performance goals, processes and practices, defining core team values, building a strong, cohesive identity and culture of trust and effective collaboration, clarifying roles and responsibilities, engaging with stakeholders and managing their expectations, addressing areas of conflict, and delivering required outcomes.

International new leaders, professional services, customised workshop

Themes: Developing practices of personal effectiveness and mastery, defining principles and values, creating personal narratives, visions and future career paths, reflection on strengths, talents and development areas, emotional intelligence and agility, managing energy and time for reflection and thinking, building resourcefulness and resilience, as well as collaborative capacity.