FT Digital Dialogues – The Global Boardroom

This week’s free event was a marvellous achievement from the Financial Times, in partnership with TNW, the online events organiser, and McKinsey. The 3-day conference (of sorts) on Zoom brought together 75 global heavyweights from business, politics, finance and science to discuss the current health and economic crisis.

It included 25 sessions on a range of topics from post-pandemic geopolitics to trust and technology, and which were all superbly facilitated by the FT’s editors. The panel discussions and interviews I heard were rich and thought-provoking, and for anyone still wanting to listen, you can do so at http://globalboardroom.ft.com

Apparently, 30,000+ viewers registered, though not all were tuned in at the same time. Except for a couple of seconds of technical disruption as the speakers contributed from different continents, the live streaming worked amazingly well. Timing was spot-on with space at the end of each session for viewers’ questions.

Seeing some of the world’s bigwigs and journalists in their home-settings, sometimes with their personal book collection, artwork, family photos, clothes-rack, bed, stuffed animals, and even a real cat, added a warm human touch to the sobriety of the theme and certainly at a time when we need it.

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