The Fearless Organization

Continuing from my previous post about organisational change at Novartis, I recently read Amy C. Edmondson’s in-depth study of psychological safety, Edmondson being Novartis’s Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. Published just last year, the book is divided into three clear parts: what psychological safety (PS) really is and why it’s important, where we can see it at work in organisations and cases where we haven’t seen it but should have, and finally, how leaders can create it.

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Curious, inspired and unbossed

These were the adjectives – and desired behaviours – that kept recurring during Martin Barner’s rich and dynamic talk at the EU Business School in Munich on Tuesday evening. Courtesy of the School, followers of the Culture Learning Leadership Lab, instigated by Jerry Pico, gathered to hear the Head of People & Organisation at Sandoz – the generics division of Novartis – enthuse about how the company’s culture has been transformed under the leadership of Vas Narasimhan.

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