Google & Digitalis

At the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich on Monday night, Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google in Belgium and Luxembourg, presented his book “Digitalis: How to reinvent the world”. Hosted by EU Business School, the ballroom was filled with smartly-dressed, some glamorous, students – an attentive audience for Geert’s enthusiastic call for young Europeans to embrace the digital revolution, become more tech-innovative and dream big.

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Career Day – The Benefits of Coaching for Leaders & Managers

In December, I was delighted to be invited to participate in the Career Day at a multinational corporation based locally, near Munich – a great initiative newly set up for leaders, aspiring leaders and managers by the Learning and Leadership Department. Apparently, it was triggered (partly) by the increasing attrition rates of ambitious young professionals who are moving on if their careers don’t seem to be developing.

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Values-Based Leadership, at the American-German Business Club, Munich Chapter, March 29th

This isn’t so much a review of an event but a preview as fellow AGBC club member, David Dickerson, and I will be running the next monthly meeting on the above topic. In case anyone sees this and wants to come along, you can check the club website for more details. Continue reading “Values-Based Leadership, at the American-German Business Club, Munich Chapter, March 29th”

From Business To Being: A Documentary

This 90-minute film, made by Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Munich in 2015 and was released in cinemas across Germany this month. Amazing is that the film-makers aimed to raise €7,000 from Crowdfunding for the project and they raised as much as €92,000. This shows how much interest there is in the topic and mission. Continue reading “From Business To Being: A Documentary”