An experienced, international Executive and Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant, I energize, inspire and facilitate transformative change in the service of human growth, greater effectiveness and better results.

I foster global cooperation, lifelong learning and independent thinking, as well as collective leadership at all levels of the organization that is collaborative, empowering and humble.

As a thinking partner, I support and challenge leaders, managers, professionals and teams to develop the capacities, skills, mindset, behaviours and high-trust relationships they need as they progress towards their aspirations and goals, and shape a sustainable future.

Working in partnership with clients, I enable them to make sense of their challenges, explore and try out new possibilities, question assumptions, and embrace exciting opportunities. With insight and better understanding, they’re able to make informed choices and make things happen.

I create open, safe spaces for innovative problem-solving, reflection and discovery – contexts and communities where I encourage people to tap into their imagination, empathy, resourcefulness and drive to succeed. Here, they might share, clarify, notice, redefine, re-evaluate and reinvent, generating their own fresh thinking and ideas.

My Structure & Flow approach is adaptive, personalized and often deeply personal. It’s also practical and outcomes-driven, guided by principles that draw on a systemic perspective as well as high professional standards and ethical practice.

The Story of “Judith Martin – Structure & Flow”

My approach Structure & Flow has evolved over the years during my international and professional journey from the UK to Germany, via Czechoslovakia (as it was then), Spain and China. My ideas and values started to emerge in Barcelona after I founded Interact Executive Coaching & Training in 2003, when the name soon became the company strapline and slogan.

Embracing paradoxical thinking, Structure & Flow is about the inherent order and fluidity of living systems and their capacity to keep learning and adapting. The name combines the norms and ideas of different cultures and their ways of being, doing and thinking in the world. As an approach, it means working in an adaptive, flexible way that might be more structured or more emergent, blending qualities of both “structure” and “flow” in ways that reinforce each other.

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The more we cling to past practices, the more we deepen the crisis and prevent solutions“. Margaret Wheatley

I provide a range of services that focuses on personal, leadership and collective development. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of them can be delivered online by video conference or by telephone.

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Individual Executive, Leadership & Personal Coaching

Within an open, supportive space for reflection and dialogue, I encourage and guide my clients on their development journey towards greater effectiveness, awareness and positivity. I help them work towards their aspirations and goals as well as make sense of their challenges and dilemmas by looking at them from different perspectives and exploring new possibilities.

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Team Coaching

A collaborative, results-oriented development process, team coaching can make a real difference to the effectiveness, cohesion and resilience of teams. These could be leadership, management, project or start-up teams, established or newly-formed.

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Development Workshops

My online or in-person workshops focus on personal and leadership development, and building the requisite skills, capacities, knowledge, relationships and mindset for today’s extreme challenges, uncertainty and change. They are designed to be practical, engaging and interactive.. Continue reading “Development Workshops”


Through facilitation, both virtual and face-to-face, I enable teams and groups to get their work done and have productive discussions that lead to positive results. Working towards greater group cohesion and interdependence, I support and guide group reflection, individual participation and the generation of fresh ideas by inviting diverse perspectives and opinions. Continue reading “Facilitation”

Action Learning

Action Learning is a fully engaging, experiential problem-solving process, helping peer groups to address real, often urgent, issues and complex challenges, and to collaborate successfully towards finding new possibilities and workable solutions. Continue reading “Action Learning”


An independent freelancer, I sometimes collaborate with like-principled associates in my international network to serve my clients. Most of them, like me, draw on first-hand experience of living and working in different countries, speak several foreign languages, and have a global, systemic and cross-cultural perspective. Furthermore, we bring a passion for lifelong learning and a growth mindset to our work, as well as commitment to professional excellence and ethical practice.

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During the 30 years that I’ve been working internationally in the field of professional learning, personal and leadership development, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with a wide range of client organisation, including global corporations, family enterprises, leading business schools, NGOs and humanitarian initiatives.

I have broad and extensive cross-sector experience that includes manufacturing, IT, healthcare, advertising, retail and social entrepreneurship. My individual clients, from many different cultures and backgrounds, range from senior executives to emerging leaders and other professionals. Additionally, sometimes in partnership with associates, I have supported various international, leadership, and project teams.

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Welcome to Judith’s blog!

MindShift Conference

Another tiring full day on Zoom but it was also energising, inspiring and definitely worth it. This conference last Friday was a collaboration between various Swedish organisations – the Stockholm School of Economics, the Karolinska Institute, a medical university, and 29K and the Ekskäret Foundation, which both foster personal growth and societal change.

The 6 Team Conditions

Models with numbers are often good mnemonics, from Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Well, last week I was introduced to Dr Ruth Wageman’s 6 Conditions framework that underpin and drive team effectiveness. Who’s Ruth Wageman?, you ask. She’s an American scholar and professor (Columbia, Harvard et al.), …